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What Are The Advantages Of Blow Molding Trays/ Blow Molding Pallet
- Aug 14, 2018 -

What are the advantages of blow molding trays/ blow molding pallet


The blow molding pallet is a product which is formed by a rapid development of plastic processing method. The heat is placed in the split mold, and compressed air is introduced into the plastic parison immediately after the mold is closed, so that the plastic parison is inflated and closely adhered thereto. On the inner wall of the mold, after cooling and setting the mold, the blow molding trays of various specifications are obtained. Below are some advantages about the blow molding tray. Let us take a look at it:

1. The blow molding tray can be used with mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts to complete the handling, turnover and stacking of goods. The four-sided forks, which are common to mechanical forklifts and manual hydraulic handling forklifts, can be used in venues and environments where mechanical forklifts are used unconditionally.

     2. The blow molding pallet products are made of high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin and extruded by one blow molding. The molding process is fast and sufficient; the product is full and the internal quality and performance are stable.

     3. The shape of the blow moulding tray is novel and unique, the structure design is reasonable, the surface is groove design, the slip resistance is good, and there is no corner residual material.

     4, blow molding pallet load capacity: static load: 6 ~ 7T; dynamic load: 1 ~ 2T; overhead load: 1 ~ 1.5T.