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Storage And Maintenance Of Injection Blow Molding Mold
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Storage and maintenance of injection blow molding mold

1, mold storage environment should be kept clean, ventilated, dry, dust-free, it is best to arrange separate storage rooms and storage sites, in order to facilitate mold management.

2, do not directly touch the surface of the mold, prevent the mold from contacting with the ground, touch the water and rust.

3, mold storage management should be responsible for full-time personnel, irregularly sorted out to ensure the quality of mold.

4, the mold should be placed in different categories, and the parts of the die are antirust. Each mold is stored separately, including the injection mold part, the mold part, the mandrel, the mandrel seat and the baffle, the positioning block, the template and so on.

5. Protect the mandrel forming part with the neck block to prevent scratching and breaking. It is suggested that the mandrel is not used separately when the core is not used, and the neck parts must be wrapped well so as to avoid the injury of the parting surface.

6, before the end of the mold production should be closed in order to turn off the cooling water in order to make a continuous production of 10 dies or so. (when the humidity of the production workshop is larger, the surface of the mold produces condensate, causing the corrosion of the mold).

7. After mold stop, spray the rust inhibitor in time and clean the mold surface.

8. After the mold completes the production task, the residual injection plastic is carefully removed according to the different injection materials. The cleaning of the cavity can be cleaned by the copper hook and the professional mold cleaning agent to remove the residual plastic and other sediments in the mold.

9, after the end of the mold production is dismantled, the residual water in the cooling hole of the cavity is cleaned in time so as to avoid the effect of the cooling effect on the cooling water hole after the long storage.

Notice of injection mold opening

1. Clean the inside and outside surface of the mold before use, ensure that it is neat and clean, and do not have any surplus items.

2. Check whether the screw holes of the mould are completely qualified, so as to ensure the screwing depth of the installation screws.

3. Check the quantity and tightness of the water joint to ensure that the cooling water hole is transparent.

4, after the mold is installed to the machine, the cooling pipe of the mould, the control line of the mould temperature machine, the heat pipe heating pipe and the thermocouple are connected in turn, and the collision between the pipe, the tubing and the line is checked, and the test production is carried out strictly in accordance with the operation specification, and the parameters are adjusted to produce the qualified products.

5, check the cooling water, electricity, compressed air, and mould temperature machine after the die installation is completed. Notice that the cooling water on the mold and the equipment oil cooler are required to be separated. The selection of heating needs to be opened, the cooling water on the mould temperature machine and the cylinder screw needs to be opened, and the temperature needs to be kept for 15 minutes when the temperature reaches the preset temperature.

6, with the above conditions to start the test model first hand injection first, observe whether the ejection nozzle is all shot out, the raw material of the shot is tick out with copper, then can be produced by semi-automatic production, and other products blow molding and can be automatically adjusted to the appropriate parameters of the process single record under the premise of the release without problems.

Special attention

1, every time the mold is replaced, we should record the parameters of the last set of moulds, the tape recorder of the high block, the temperature record set by the mould temperature machine and the contact record of the mold oil way, so that the next time the mold is debugged, it can be used as a reference.

2, the die mandrel is dismantled in order to easily turn off the formwork. First, the mould frame on the equipment operation screen should be selected and closed, so as to prevent the start motor from taking off the template and anti elastic pressure.

3, when installing the mold core rod, we should first install two mandrel on both sides of the mandrel, then turn to the 1 position to drop a little bit, observe whether the mandrel and the mold cavity and the nozzle will collide, and observe whether the inclination of the mandrel and the neck block is suitable, and if there is no problem, all the mandrel can be installed.

4, when the nozzle is dismantled: it should be heated to close the hot runner to prevent electric shock. When installing the nozzle, first clean the residual waste on the nozzle plate. In order to prevent the leakage of the nozzle, do not lock the two plate screws after loading the nozzle, and must lock the two screws at the same time, and then open the mould. Lock the nozzle screw thoroughly.

5. When the mold mandrel is installed, it is first to observe whether the size of the top opening of the mandrel is basically unified. If it is not unified, it is necessary to adjust the wrench with the mandrel.

6, the most important thing is that each time in the operation of the equipment should first observe whether there are other people around the operation, more people operating equipment and disassembly and disassembly mold should coordinate good work to avoid accidents.


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