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Pearly-lustre Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Making Blow Molding Machine
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Pearly-lustre Plastic Cosmetic Bottle making Blow Molding Machine

Pearlescent can be used for transparent and translucent plastic resins, and the use of pearlescent pigments will bring a charming visual effect. Pearlescent pigments are widely used in cosmetic containers, all kinds of packaging, toys, decorative materials, plastic films and other plastic products. Precautions for application of pearlescent pigments in plastics.

Pearlescent pigments are different from those used in common pigments. In general to get the best pearling effect, attention should be paid to the following conditions:

1. the transparency of the colored plastic resin (or high Guang Liangdu);

2. as much as possible with good transparent pigment and pearlescent pigment;

3. as far as possible to reduce the damage to the pearlite,

4. pearlescent pigments are fully dispersed and the pigments are parallel to the plastic. Surface orientation.

In addition to the above conditions, the properties and processing methods of plastic resins will also affect the gloss properties of the final products.

The amount of pearlescent pigment used in plastics is generally 0.5%-2%, and the amount of film or thin wall products should be correspondingly larger, generally 4%-5%. The coloring of pearlescent pigments on plastic resins
There are many methods for the coloring of thermoplastic resins. The pearlite color masterbatch is the best. The direct coloring is simple, but the quality is difficult to guarantee.

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Blow Molding machine for making cosmetic bottles.