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How Does The Blow Molding Machine Develop In The Direction Of Intelligence And Data?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

How does the blow molding machine develop in the direction of intelligence and data?

With the international plastic bottle market demand has been rising, the bottle blowing machine industry also answered. In recent years, in the beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food, chemical and other areas of the use of bottle blowing machine more and more broad. At present, the domestic blowing machine enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of skills and self-development capabilities, it is difficult to achieve technology-dense large-scale production, it is difficult to meet the vagaries of the market demand.

    With the advent of intelligent, data period, for the development of the blowing machine industry, to deal with the above-mentioned industrial predicament also does need to expand the blowing machine equipment intelligent and data.

    How does the bottle blowing machine develop in the direction of intelligence and data?

    With regard to the intelligentization of the blowing machine, it is necessary to make the blowing machine more intelligent to achieve more tasks and reduce the investment of human resources, so that the users of blowing machine equipment can obtain a greater return with the least investment, more convenient plastic bottle blowing process and so on. About the data blowing machine, it is the blowing machine manufacturers need to invest more energy, after the terminal Big Data collection, comprehensive analysis, so that the production of blowing machine can constitute big data.

    Through the comprehensive analysis of these data, for the future production of blowing machine can produce pointers, which for the future development and improvement of the blowing machine has a positive role. The development of the intelligent and data blowing machine facilities requires the domestic blowing machine industry to establish a product quality index system adapted to international standards or industrial developed country standards, and to implement the whole process of design, build, test, installation, commissioning, service, etc., about the large number of key products to implement license production, Enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management.