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Energy Saving Plastic Blowing Machine For High Quality Pallets
- Jul 17, 2018 -

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ABLD120 Energy Saving Plastic Blowing Machine for High Quality Pallets

also suitable for making plastic water tanks, plastic cans, lubricant oil bottles, plastic drums, plastic toys and other plastic containers not over 250L.


(1)  Suitable for HDPE, PP, PVC so on, plastic containers, bottles in all shapes ( others hollow blow molding product )  max.  volume  up to 250L.

(2)  Single station single die head design, very easy to operate and maintenance.

(3)  Most components of the blow molding machine are from world famous brand.

(4)  Full automatic process with low power consumption( use SERVO MOTOR) , high efficiency, quick and safe operation.

(5)  Accumulation die head, MOOG 100 point parison controller.

(6)  Bottom blow technology make the product perfect.

(7)  Auto lubricant system controlled by PLC.