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Energy Saving Blow Molding Machine
- Sep 27, 2018 -


Energy saving blow molding machine

DAWSON blow molding machine is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer. The production step of blow molding machine is to first melt the plastic, use the hydraulic cylinder to eject from the mold head, into the mold cavity, through cooling and blowing out, thus forming the product to be produced. This method greatly improves the production efficiency. But we all know that the power consumption of the ordinary pump is continuous, because the oil pump has been working. In order to reduce energy consumption and innovate products, DAWSON blow molding machine has developed an energy saving blow molding machine.

DAWSON Blow Molding Machine is changed from ordinary oil pump to servo oil pump at first. The motor of ordinary oil pump will run continuously. A large amount of oil will return to the tank through the relief valve, resulting in a large amount of loss. After adopting servo, the motor will stop when no action is taken. The motor will run with high response only when the action is executed, and output as much flow as needed to reduce loss. For example, the DAWSON blow molding machine 90 series saves more than 200 degrees of electricity per day, which has obvious advantages and saves a lot of costs for customers every day. Secondly, the fuel tank can be reduced in a large scale, because the servo oil pump is at a standstill and does not produce excess hydraulic oil during the blowing-out process, so the hydraulic oil can be reduced. Capacity.

All of our team are outstanding workers in blow molding industry, with strong professional knowledge and a set of theoretical knowledge belonging to their own positions, and have made due contributions to the development of the company. We believe that as long as we roll up our sleeves and work hard together, we will not make any bad products.