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DM80 Accummulation Blow Molding Machine ForMaking Plastic Containers
- Jun 11, 2018 -

2. On a regular basis to do a good job of cleaning electric cabinet though the electrical cabinets are generally more seal, many parts have done the dustproof, but the tiny particles of dust in the air in the production workshop is always deposition on the surface of electric parts and some of the contact surface, much deposit will affect the use of electrical equipment performance, so prepare for electrical cabinets clean work regularly to ensure that equipment is very important for the long-term stability and normal operation.The manufacturer that USES blow-molding equipment should formulate detailed and definite system, stipulate the cleaning method that USES, undertake cleanness work to electric gas cabinet regularly.Parts of electric cabinet is clean, can use a small brush and cooperate with electric hair dryer, electric plug for some pieces of contact surface, can use clean cotton ball dipped in a little alcohol to swab, after being completely vaporize clean back again.The screws at the wiring should also be tightened during cleaning to ensure good contact.3. Keep the electric incase of long-term, stable and orderly state of hollow blow molding machine electric cabinet interior space is relatively large, this is to guarantee the electrical control components to work properly, the air flow of the designed properly.But some equipment use, often the use of some device or maintenance personnel will not equipment objects in its interior, which affect the electrical enclosure as the heat, as a direct result of temperatures rise in electric cabinet, sometimes may directly cause the damage of the wiring and short circuit, cause the unsafe accident.Use so equipment manufacturer in the necessary equipment into the factory products strict management measures and systems, and regularly check key areas of equipment, reduce the adverse situation caused by poor management.