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5L Double Station Single Head Blow Molding Machine Full Automatic Line
- Jun 21, 2018 -

5L Double Station Single Head Blow Molding Machine Full Automatic Line

Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine TCY70II-1IMG_20180518_145049.jpg
1. Suitable products
0~5L  HDPE, PP bottles
Applications: milk bottles, food pack containers, jars, chemical bottles,
Lubricants bottles, household bottles, detergent/shampoo bottles, oil bottles.

2. Station
This machine is double station single head, the cycle time is 19s,
per hour can make 190pcs, and per day can make 4560pcs
If you do not need this much capacity, we also have single station single head machine, per day it can make 3600pcs.

3. Die head
This machine when using single die head, can make 2L to 5L bottles,
However, the die head can also be changed to double die head, triple die head and 4 head to be able to make other smaller size bottles.

Single die head   (2~5L)
Double die head (0~2L)
Triple die head  (0~750ml)
Four die head  (0~500ml)

Changing the die head system takes around 1.5~3h, this also included heating time.

4.Mould - Aluminium 7075# inserted beryllium copper
the best blow molding mould material, aluminium mould has good cooling, and beryllium copper is very durable as well.
5.Parison control system is a program to change the parison thickness,As the plastic is extruded from the die head,the programming can:
1. Reduce the plastic used
2. Improved wall thickness distribution
3. Reduce cooling time

Do we have to use MOOG parison system? 
No, We also have many customers they do not use MOOG parison control system, as on our machine's die head, we also can manually adjust the die gaps, from which it can also control the thickness and weight of bottles.
MOOG is more precision, and more easy to do the adjust. It also depends on your ending customer demands and markets.
But for some special designed blow molding items & accumulation type blow molding machines,
MOOG is indispensable, it has to use MOOG.

Our servo motor is using JAPAN DAIKIN SUPER UNIT SERIES.
Which is one of the best & most reliable servo system for hydraulic.
1. Energy Saving
Energy savings at least 40% greater than conventional fixed displacement pump systems (The energy-saving effect varies depending on the operation conditions.)
2. High Accuracy with Simple Operation
High-Accuracy servo control according to analog pressure (P) / flow rate (Q) voltage commands
3.Longer life for hydraulic units & O sealings
MOOG Servo motor due to its instant reaction speed, it does not require always running like traditional induction motor, so the hydraulic oil temperature is lower, which protect the hydraulic units and O-rings to use more longer life.

4. Faster Shipping Adjustment
Simple adjustment to start a trial run on the machine, meaning a shorter adjustment time
5. Improving the Working Environment
Reduced noise during operation
6. Exceeds Standard of High Efficiency Motor regulation
Incorporating a motor dedicated to servo-based rotational speed control
Since no induction motor is used, the maximum discharge rate of the pump does not fluctuate depending on the power supply frequency, making it unnecessary to adjust the machines' maximum speed for each shipping destination.



Max container capacityL5
Number of die headsSet1
Dry cycle timeSecond5
Machine dimension (L*W*H)M3.3*2.3*2.6
Total weightTon5.5
Clamping forceKN68
Platen opening strokemm200-500
Platen sizemm360*470
Max mould size (W*H)mm390*470
Mould thicknessmm210-300
Platen moving distanceMm440
Extrusion motor powerKW22
Oil pump motor powerKW5.5
Extrusion heating powerKW12
Head heating powerKW5.7
Cooling Fan powerKW0.26
Total powerKW 45.46
Average power consumptionKW23.5
Screw diameter mm70
Screw L/D ratioL/D24
Plasticizing capacityKg/hour90
Number of heating zoneZone3
Extruder heating powerKW14.2
Extruder driving powerKW22
Cooling Fan No
Fan powerKW0.26
Head typeContinuous extrusion head
Head No1 234
Central distance / mm-160 11085
Max die diameter / mm135805030