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200L HDPE Chemical Drum Blow Molding Machine Project To Egypt
- Jul 13, 2018 -

200L HDPE Chemical Drum Blow Molding Machine Project to Egypt

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tambor del HDPE 200L
Máquina de moldeo por soplado
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El cliente está muy satisfecho ☺️💕

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About 200L Drum

     According to the size of the volume of hollow blow molding products: generally 15 liters or less is called micro, 20-50 liters is called small, 100-160 liters is medium-sized plastic drums, and 200 liters or more can be collectively referred to as large hollow containers. According to the sealing diameter, it is divided into two types: small mouth and wide mouth: in practical applications, it is generally bounded by 30 liters. Below 30 liters, most of the small-diameter barrels are commonly called closed barrels. They are sealed by the external thread of the barrel mouth + the inner cover + the outer cover. It is mostly used for dangerous liquid packaging; the plastic drum of 30-160 liter capacity is commonly known as the open barrel of the wide mouth, and the barrel sealing rib + rubber sealing strip + outer cover is tight.

      Based on the analysis of the different classifications of the above hollow blow molding barrels, it can be said that the plastic drums of 200 liters or more are the most advanced types of plastic packaging containers in the high-dose hazardous liquid packaging containers, with the lowest filling and transportation costs and the most widely used products...