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120 DMI-1 Accumulation Extrusion Blow Molding Machine For Making Chemical Drums
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The division of labor of operators, lubricants and maintenance workers on equipment lubrication is as follows:

Operator.Responsible for refueling (grease) at the lubrication point with manual lubricating pump every shift, every week or often, and responsible for switching the dripping oil cup, rotating the grease cup, and monitoring the oil level through the oil window.

Lubricator.Responsible for regularly adding oil to the oil storage tank, cleaning and changing oil, adding oil to the manual lubricating pump, regularly refueling (grease) for the transmission chain, assembly belt and other common equipment, and taking oil samples for inspection as scheduled.

Maintenance.Responsible for repair, cleaning and replacement of lubricating device and oil filter, cleaning and changing of disassembly parts (grease) and controlling oil leakage during overhaul and overhaul.