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What can our blow molding machine produce?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

According to the product category, blow molding machine can produce:

1. Special-shaped pipes, such as tubing, windpipe, auto duct etc.

2. Special-shaped products, such as floating solar panels, plastic flower pots, traffic barrier, bus seat, watering       can, road, plastic model,  tool box, safty seat base.

3. Out-door products, such as out-door base, cooling box, life buoy, desk top board.

2. Children's toys, such as ball, stick, fruit, etc.

3. Hollow member, such as biocks code(water), groundrail barriers, bed board canoeing and lage double color molding parts, blow molding tray etc.

4. Plastic containers, such as bottles, cans, oil tanks, kettles, jerry cans, vessels, pots etc.

5. Bottles for kitchen use, such as soy cruet, fruit juice bottle and other various cruets.

6. Car accessories, such as lubricating oil bottle, automotive interior trim panels, and other auto parts.

7. Chemical products, such as chemical drums, chemical bottles ect.

8. Medical products, mainly are medical boards.

9. Personal care, such as bottles for shampoo, bath liquid, scream, toner ect.


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