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What are the characteristics of extrusion blow molding mould?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of extrusion blow molding mould?

From the perspective of the production of plastic products, the extrusion blow mold is used for the inflation, cooling and shaping of the parison, while giving the designer the shape and size required. The extrusion blow mold has the following characteristics.

(1) Extrusion blow molding mold, except for special molds such as double-wall products, only the female mold cavity, no male mold is set. It is much simpler in construction than the molds used in other plastic products.

(2) Since there is no male mold in the mold structure, it is possible to inflate a plastic product with a deep depression and a complicated shape.

(3) The mold cavity has no melt flow path, and the parison enters the mold and then closes the mold. The parison melt relies on compressed air expansion to fill the cavity.

(4) Compared with the injection mold, the extrusion blow mold cavity is subjected to low pressure, and the mold can be made of light material, and the cavity does not need to be hardened. The cost of molds is also relatively low.

(5) It can be continuously produced, has high production efficiency, and can manufacture products with long dimensions;

(6) It is possible to produce products with different sections;

(7) Combined with other equipment, it can complete the comprehensive processing of different processes. Such as the pull-out machine and the calender to produce a film;

(8) The extruder head and the granulator cooperate to granulate;

(9) Small footprint and clean production environment.

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