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The novice can solve the frequency converter common fault diagnosis and processing.(2)replacement
- May 03, 2018 -

1.1.3 replacement

Only if the root cause of the damage is found, and the possibility of re-damage is eliminated first, the inverter module can be replaced, otherwise the new module will be damaged again.

(1) IGBT should avoid electrostatic damage as well as insulated gate field effect tubes.In assembly welding is fundamental measures to prevent the damage, to repair the machine, IGBT module, soldering iron, people, all operating table plate with wires connected, make operating under the same electric potential, all connection can common point such as ground is better.In particular, the electric soldering irons can not be equipped with the high potential of the market, and the power of the oscilloscope should be isolated by a well insulated transformer.The IGBT module shall keep the control pole G and the emitter E connected before use, and shall not remove the anti-static protection g-e connected measure before the factory leaves the factory.

(2) the power module and the radiator thermal conductive silicone, ensure the coating thickness boast is 0.25 0.1 mm, reach more than 80%, fastening torque applied by the fastening screw size (M4 13 kg, cm, M5 17 kg, cm, M6 22 kg · cm), in order to ensure good heat dissipation module.

(3) when the machine is dismantled, take notes on the pieces, threads and parts.All kinds of technical measures on the original assembly should be handled when reassembling.For example, the input twisted pair, the resistance value of each electrode connection, the insulation, the absorber board or the absorption capacitance must remain the same.It is necessary to clean and prevent the coating on the driving pad for repairing welding, and to ensure the insulation is reliable, and not to install and misassemble the parts.

(4) the parallel module requires the model and serial number to be consistent. When the serial number is not consistent, it is necessary to ensure that all the modules in parallel have the same performance.

(5) for the defects of copper parts caused by the frying machine, it is necessary to repair the burr in order to avoid the repeated damage caused by the tip discharge of the over-voltage.

1.1.4 power after replacement of modules.

When the module is often replaced, the electricity is burned again.To prevent such accidents, generally in the main loop of the dc inverter series with a resistance, resistance tolerance for 1 group, 2 k off, power more than 50 W, due to the current limiting resistor, does not damage fault boot module.The current is small and the pressure drop is small.

Generally, as long as the no-load operation is normal, it is normal to remove the resistance.