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The maintenance method of blow molding equipment is introduced in detail
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1.Before each shift opens the plastic blowing machine, it is necessary to add smooth oil to each moving part once.(manipulator, manipulator guide rail, open-die guide rail)

2.Swing arm can be (3-4) day plus.Heating machine large chain, small chain can once a month.Always check whether the main engine reducer and the heating machine reducer are short of oil.Main engine bearing can be added (2-3) months.

3.Before starting the machine, check whether the moving parts are solid, whether the screws are loose, especially the position with strong impact force, whether the belt drive part is abnormal.

4.Check whether the high pressure gas source, low pressure gas source, power source and water source are normal.

5.Check all emergency stop switches, safety door switches, and maintain the installation of check switches.

6.Check the heating head into the embryo, the partial work of the embryo is normal.If the insert is not in place, the pressing nut can be adjusted.

7.Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken.Change it in time.

8.Check all pneumatic components for air leakage and flexible operation.

9.Check for abnormal air leakage, infarction and water storage in the water cup.

10.When the electromagnetic valve of plastic blowing machine is abnormal, it should be cleaned timely.

11.The mould of plastic blowing machine must be cleaned and polished regularly.

12.The upper and lower pressure air source switch must be opened slowly in order to prevent the gas source flow too fast and the dirt from blowing into the solenoid valve. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure clean air.

13.In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button and brake immediately.Then according to the field situation analysis of the reasons for the formation, find out the problem quickly.

14.After the plastic blow-molding machine is running normally, no part of the body should be put into the machine to avoid hurting the robot hand.If the machine has abnormal sound, it can slow down and stop the inspection.

15.After the plastic blow-molding machine is working normally, the operator should check the quality of the product frequently, so as not to affect the quality of the product due to voltage fluctuation or other reasons.

16.Press the touch screen repair button to ensure safe maintenance.Note the position of the manipulator if you want to view the movements of each individual die cavity manually.At the same time, be sure to specify the role of individual buttons and then in action.Make sure missteps cause unnecessary trouble.

17.After each repair of the plastic blow molding machine, it is necessary to clear tools and screws, so as not to leave them in the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine.

18.When the plastic blowing machine starts, it must make sure the machine part is good, no one is inside the machine, no foreign matter.Especially the handle position, so as not to hurt people.Close the safety door at the same time.

19.When starting the machine, the motor must be started first, and the heater must be started with a delay of 30 seconds to prevent voltage instability.Make sure the cooling water is not turned on before starting heating.

20.When the plastic blowing machine is running, it must pay close attention to whether the machine has abnormal noise.