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The five fixed and three filtration principle of the blow molding machine
- Jun 08, 2018 -

In order to make the blowing machine work better and guarantee the quality of the products produced by the blowing machine, what should we do when we use the blowing machine at ordinary times?

Daily lubrication of blow molding machine equipment is an important part of equipment maintenance.The equipment is short of oil, the grease deteriorates or the lubricating materials used by the equipment do not meet the requirements, which will inevitably lead to frequent equipment failures and even damage the accuracy and function of the equipment.We find from the practice of the equipment that many of the equipment failures are caused by poor lubrication and improper lubrication management.Therefore, to do a good job in equipment lubrication is an important means to reduce the wear of machine parts and reduce mechanical failures.

According to the management of blow molding machine equipment lubrication technology of equipment lubrication are proposed practical experience of 'five set' and 'three filtering system, the daily equipment lubrication management work standardization, institutionalization, refining, clear and easy to remember.Over the years, many enterprises have incorporated the "five-fixed" and "three-filtration" systems of equipment lubrication into the standard management of equipment lubrication, and have achieved remarkable results.

The five definite points are designated points, fixed quality, fixed quantity, fixed term and fixed person.The implications are as follows:

1. Fixed point: determine the lubricating part and lubricating point of each equipment, keep it clean and intact, and implement fixed point oil feeding.

2. Determination of quality: according to the grease brand oil specified in the lubrication chart, the lubricating materials and the mixed oil products must pass the inspection;Keep lubricating device and oiler clean.

3. Quantitative: on the basis of good lubrication, daily oil consumption quota and quantitative oil exchange shall be implemented, the recovery and return of waste oil shall be completed, the leakage of equipment shall be controlled, and waste shall be prevented.

4. On a regular basis, in accordance with the period prescribed by the lubrication chart or card, add oil and oil, to a large quantity of oil storage tank, shall be in accordance with the provisions of time sampling test, depending on the oily status determine cleaning oil change, loop filter and the sample period.

5. A person: according to the provisions of the lubrication chart clearly operator, mechanic, lubrication on the daily refueling equipment, oil and clean the oil change division of labor, the company accountable, mutual supervision, and to determine the sampling inspection personnel.