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The blow molding machine must be ready before starting up
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Before starting up, the hollow blow molding machine must be ready for starting up strictly. Its main contents include the following eight points:

Point 1: the cooling water of the cooling material tube must be opened completely to avoid the phenomenon of screw bite.

Point 2: preheat the hydraulic oil.If the hydraulic oil temperature in the tank of the hollow blow molding machine is too low, the heater should be turned on immediately.

Point 3: press the start button and stop immediately. Check whether the pump is running in the correct direction.

Point 4: the machine should be opened without pressure in the hydraulic system.When opened, the pressure of each pump's overflow system is adjusted to the safety pressure.In a large blow-molding machine, there are usually two pressure systems, one is the mold closing unit, the other is the blow-molding unit, each of which has a pressure blow-out valve.After the pump stops, the pressure relief valve must be opened. When the pump is working, the pressure relief valve must be closed.

Point 5: adjust the position of all travel switches so that the remote switch of moving template is unimpeded.

Point 6: close the full door.According to the requirement of safety protection, all safety doors should be closed when the machine is working.For a large hollow blow molding machine, opening the safety door and closing the mold movement will be stopped: the pump will stop if another safety door is opened.

Point 7: turn on the heating and temperature control system.

Point 8: install the mold.The surface of the mold must be cleaned and the contact surface with the hollow blow molding machine template must be cleaned.

The following seven operating points should be mastered in the production operation of the molding hollow blow molding machine:

Point 1: in order to reduce the self-weight sag of the blank, the hollow blow molding machine can speed up the extrusion rate of the blank and reduce the waiting time of the mold under the allowed conditions.This point should be paid attention to strictly, also for the maintenance of the machine after preparation.

point 2: in the production process, under the premise of ensuring sufficient cooling of the product to minimize the molding cycle.I'm sure you'll come up with many ways.

Point 3: the blowing pressure should be enough in operation, and the blowing rate should be fast.

Point 4: the temperature and speed of the extruder and the P value of the melt should be controlled.

Point 5: the machine in operation to ensure that the mold billet blown out fully.

Point 6: operators should be familiar with the molding and processing performance of plastic materials so as to make better use of the advantages of the materials themselves.

Point 7: the staff should control the wall thickness and quality of the mold blank.

In the normal process of hollow blow molding machine, all working procedures are interrelated and interdependent.In order to ensure the normal production and product quality of hollow blow molding machine, the operators should adjust the process parameters timely.It is hoped that all operators should be familiar with the performance of various machines as well as the characteristics of processing products and materials, so as to better implement the operation process.Avoid problems like failures.