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The advantage of Servo Motors for Blow Molding Machine
- Jul 06, 2018 -


1. Energy Saving

Energy savings at least 40% greater than conventional fixed displacement pump systems (The energy-saving effect varies depending on the operation conditions.)

2. High Accuracy with Simple Operation

High-Accuracy servo control according to analog pressure (P) / flow rate (Q) voltage commands

3.Longer life for hydraulic units & O sealings

MOOG Servo motor due to its instant reaction speed, it does not require always running like traditional induction motor, so the hydraulic oil temperature is lower, which protect the hydraulic units and O-rings to use more longer life.


4. Faster Shipping Adjustment

Simple adjustment to start a trial run on the machine, meaning a shorter adjustment time

5. Improving the Working Environment

Reduced noise during operation

6. Exceeds Standard of High Efficiency Motor regulation

Incorporating a motor dedicated to servo-based rotational speed control

Since no induction motor is used, the maximum discharge rate of the pump does not fluctuate depending on the power supply frequency, making it unnecessary to adjust the machines’ maximum speed for each shipping destination.