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Solar buoy solar panel making blow molding machine
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Solar buoy solar panel making blow molding machine

With the encouragement of policies around the world, many water-surface solar power plants will be built in the near five years, which require a large number of hollow blow-molded buoys.

Photovoltaic buoy blow molding machine. Specifications are 1.5 x 1.2, 50 x 45 and other specifications, commonly known as sea buoy, photovoltaic power station buoy, the standard name for the medium-sized hollow blow molding buoy.

Floating buckets of power plants can be reused many times, and the advantages of solar, solar and power plants can significantly reduce costs. Compared with the drum, the floating bucket can save 35% of storage space. Its size is in accordance with ISO standards, easy to operate as the principle, static empty buckets can be assembled and shipped in any conventional way, is an integral part of the photoelectric industry ideal solar floating bucket.

The floating solar plant has the advantage of using more water to cool the system than terrestrial solar power, a "cooling effect" design that allows solar power systems to operate more efficiently, according to a previous study by the Korea Water Resources Corporation. It is 11% higher than that of general terrestrial solar power plants. And covering the sun with solar panels can just reduce evaporation and inhibit algae growth. In addition, the floating solar power system uses high-density polyethylene, which can withstand ultraviolet light, corrosion resistance, and typhoon attack.

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