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Safe operation process of blow molding machine
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Safe operation process of blow molding machine

Before opening:

Check whether the temperature of the machine reaches the set temperature (185 degrees -195 degrees).
To check whether the accessories are normal (such as grinder, cooler).

Turn on the machine:

(1) opening the main oil pump.

(2) Auxiliary oil pump opening.


(1) three to four times before firing, keep away from the die, so as to avoid high temperature, temperature burn, and pressure.

(2) the pressure of ejection material small adjustment


slow down the speed of the rewinding motor when the material is started.

Adjusting machine:

select the good mold mouth according to the requirement of the product.

Normal production

Before closing the machine:

(1) closing the outlet of the material rod

(2) shoot out of the rod and the storage cylinder

Turn off the machine:

(1) Main oil pump closed

(2) Shut down the auxiliary oil pump.

(3) Stranded motor shutdown

(4) Turn off the power supply of the machine

(5) Shut down all cooling water in the machine

(6) Close the power supply of the auxiliary equipment of the machine

(7) Close the total power supply of the machine


carry out lubrication and maintenance to the machine, clean up the whole machine.