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Production technology of plastic Injection Blow Molding
- Mar 15, 2018 -

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Production technology of plastic Injection Blow Molding

Main production equipment of the production line

1. Automatic Injection blow molding machine
2. Chain Conveyor Belt
3. Air compressing and purifying device
4. Plastic dryer and automatic feeding machine
5. Mould
6. Mold Temperature control Machine
Host Selection at present, domestic import and production of plastic injection blow hollow bottle host mostly three-position intermittent rotary molding machine.
such as: DAWSON Injection blow molding machine development and production of three-position injection blower, Injection blow hollow machine using horizontal injection screw, vertical extrusion screw series of injection blow hollow bottle machine has absorbed the state the advanced nature of the unit has also been improved in line with national conditions.The machine is mainly composed of injection parts, clamping parts, turning parts, demoulding parts and so on.


Main features of injection components:

1. Use horizontal injection method, compared with vertical injection, easy maintenance, repair, cleaning and replacement of fast & convenient。
2. Equipped with rotary device, convenient for screw handling and barrel cleaning.

3. The barrel and screw are all made of high quality nitriding steel, which is treated by nitriding and has a long service life.
Screw Head

 The main features of the clamping parts:

  1. The use of fully hydraulic vertical headstock die structure, can quickly provide high pressure locking mode of the required tons of force, concise appearance, pressurization convenient and reliable.
    At the same time rely on accumulator to achieve pressure-saving, energy conservation.

  2. Speed of the transfer mode using fast-slow-fast control, not only can provide bottle molding cycle, but also reduce machine vibration, impact.

  3. With low pressure mold protection function, can protect mold from hard material damage.
    Main features of the turning parts:

1. The rotary mode is driven by a hydraulic crank-link mechanism to complete. The crank-pole mechanism is the cosine motion law, which is a flexible impact and suitable for medium speed. With the hydraulic drive, the booster ratio is large, the rotary worktable can be designed to be larger and realize one mode and multiple cavities.simple mechanism, good rigidity and low cost.

2. With positioning PIN structure, rely on positioning pin and turret guide sleeve precision coordination, to achieve fine positioning.Accurate positioning, reliable, long life.

 3. Turret and die-core installation Board material selection LC4, not only to ensure a certain degree of hardness, but also greatly reduce the weight, thereby reducing the rotational inertia, so that the rotation fast and smooth.

Main features of demoulding parts:

1. The starting position of demoulding can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different high and low bottle stripping.

2. Demoulding rack by gear, rack structure driven flip 90 °, so that the bottle directly discharged in the conveyor belt, in line with medical packaging health requirements.
Compared with the flip motor structure, the gear and rack structure has high strength, long life and low cost.
Selection of auxiliary machine

The main characteristics of conveyor belt:

Stainless steel plate chain transmission device, flame treatment device, counting device and so on. Stainless steel plate chain does not rust, easy to clean, so that the bottle to reduce pollution, in line with medical packaging hygiene requirements. Compared with the plastic plate chain, the deformation is small under the effect of flame treatment. The flame treatment device can remove oil from the bottle body and easily paste the label. Flame size, height can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different bottles. The recording device relies on the photoelectric switch to accurately record the quantity of the medicine bottle, and give the alarm signal when the bottle number reaches the set value. Compared with manual operation, the possibility of contamination of medicine bottle is greatly reduced.
Comply with medical packaging hygiene requirements. The main characteristics of air compression and purification equipment include oil-free compressors, gas storage tanks, air dryers, filters and other systems.
The gas source to enter the air system should be dust removal, water removal, oil-free compressed air, its total content <10mg/m3, dust ≤5μ, blowing pressure 1.2MPa, gas supply ≥0.5m3/min.
Main characteristics of raw material dryer and automatic feeding machine: If the raw material contains water seriously exceeding the standard, may cause the bottle surface to have the irregular stripes and the bubble, then may use the drying machine to dry the raw material. In general, as long as the scientific and normative purchase and storage of raw materials, there is no need to use raw materials dryer.
In order to improve the automation level of production equipment and reduce the labor intensity of workers, it is recommended to choose automatic feeding machine.
 The function of the mold temperature control machine is to control and stabilize the molten plastic temperature in the injection mold, according to the characteristics of different raw materials, the setting of different process temperature, can obtain stable parison temperature and preform size--neither temperature is too high, type billet Bond mandrel, and will not be too low temperature, affecting the blow molding of Parison.