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Precautions for the use of pressurized cylinder in hydraulic system.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Precautions for the use of pressurized cylinder in hydraulic system.

1.Due to pressure cylinder is often in a state of high speed, easy to cause the machine wear and tear, so should be in accordance with the operating instructions to work, the work of the pressure cylinder temperature at about 5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, the operating speed of 50 to 1000 mm/s, in order to guarantee the normal work of the pressure cylinder, in use should be paid attention to the following:

2.Keep clean

3.Before connecting the pressurized cylinder to the gas path, please remove the dust and other debris in the pipe and the components before reducing the service life of the booster cylinder.

Use within normal pressure range.

4.The working pressure of the cylinder in normal use must be within the working pressure range specified in the inspection report, and shall not exceed the specified working pressure.

Pay attention to the working environment of the supercharged cylinder.

5.The temperature in the working environment of the cylinder is determined in the design time. If the working environment needs to be changed to exceed the temperature, it is necessary to contact the relevant personnel of the pressurized cylinder technology.

6.As the part of the element iron in the cylinder, so please don't put them in the environment of the working environment for complex use (such as exposure to environmental chemicals), the other in cylinder front, please add effective air handling components (three) and joint lubrication and drainage treatment.

7.Do not change the hydraulic oil.

8.The hydraulic oil medium used in the design of the supercharger is VG68# anti-wear hydraulic oil, and it is not allowed to use other liquid media (such as oil, water, etc.).

9.Be sure to follow the program.

10.The action procedure must be performed according to the action program of the gas road map.

11.Pay attention to maintenance and check the supercharger cylinder frequently.

12.In order to avoid the pressure of the cylinder in the pressure of pressure to damage your mold or workpiece, please install a pressure reducing valve at the entrance of the pressurized cylinder, so as to protect your product effectively.

13.In order to ensure the stability of the pressurized cylinder, it is recommended to install a gas cylinder in parallel between the three parts and the supercharger.

14.The hydraulic oil in the cylinder should be replaced once more than 50,000 times or more than half a year, so as to improve the service life and working life of the cylinder.

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