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pneumatic system and auto-deflashing part in blow molding process
- Jun 28, 2018 -

We've talked a lot about the working process of blow moulding machines.

Today we are going to talk about the pneumatic system and auto-deflashing part in blow molding process.


The finished products of the blow molding machine will produce unnecessary waste edges at the top and bottom.

In the past, people needed manual to remove these wastes parts, which waste time and operator cost,

now, we can automatically process it by auto-deflashing system.

Blow Molding Machine Mould with auto-deflashing part, which can auotmatic cutting the waste part from finished product, 

Mould with auto-deflashing part


About pneumatic system

There are two main functions in the pneumatic system:

  1. provide high air pressure to blow up the product.

  2. provide high pressure to drive other pneumatic components, perform some actions such as cutting knives, and other special needs such as auto-deflashing.

The importance of pneumatic system in blow molding system has been paid more and more attention. For example, the blow molding machine, which was previously sold in China, is hardly equipped with flare device because of its low labor cost. Handwork can be removed.

But now the domestic labor cost is rising, so the demand for the automatization of the bottle blowing machine will be increased, for example, to go to the flying edge device, to match the leakage machine and the internal labeling machine, all of which provide the pneumatic system with high pressure gas.

Because of the increase of high pressure gas, the air pressure flow can not meet the requirement, as far as possible, as far as possible, as far as the action of playing the flfei is just in accordance with the action of the blow molding of the product, the air volume is larger at this time.

The speed of the cylinder must be lifted because of the pneumatic beating of the air, because he hits the edge of the cylinder by the speed of the cylinder. The air pressure is insufficient, the speed of the cylinder can not be raised, and the flying edge can not be knocked off.

Now, each model of the DAWSON blowing machine is equipped with a flying edge device( auto-deflashing system), and is equipped with a leak detector, a membrane labeling machine, a feeder, a crusher, a conveyor belt, a cold water machine and so on. It really realizes complete automation.