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Plastic Machinery classification
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Plastic Machinery classification

A wide range of plastic machinery. According to the processing technology is divided into extruder, injection molding machine and blow molding machine three categories.


Extruder is under the action of the screw will melt plastic through the fixed shape of extrusion outlet, under the action of the traction machine water-cooled after the cutting.

Mainly used for a large number of the same section of the continuous production of products, such as pipe rod, profile, etc., can also be used for plastic modified granulation. The basic mechanism of extrusion is simple-a screw rotates in the barrel and pushes the plastic forward. The screw is actually a bevel or ramp that is wrapped around the center layer. The aim is to increase the pressure in order to overcome the larger resistance.
For a single extruder, there are 3 kinds of resistance to overcome: solid particles (feed) on the cylinder wall friction and screw rotation in the first few laps (the feeding area) between the friction between them; adhesion of melt to the cylinder wall; the internal logistics resistance of the melt when pushed forward. It is divided into single screw extruder and twin screw extruder.

Injection Moulding Machine

Injection molding machine is the injection of molten plastic into the mold, cooling is the product. Uses are very extensive, according to the plastic different, uses the place also to be different. Injection molding machine is the most used in plastic processing machinery, not only have a large number of products injection molding machine can be directly produced by injection molding machine, and it is also composed of injection-pull blowing process of the key equipment.

Injection molding Machine Control system features:
1. The use of advanced computer control;
2. self-diagnosis fault function;
3. Direct input pressure, speed, time, travel and temperature data;
4.LCD color LCD monitor (pictured below);
5. Centralized lubrication;
6. Pressure-coupled circuit to save power, 7.24 volts DC oil Pressure direction valve coil will never damage;
8. Mold cooling water regulating device;
9.m.c.b. Insurance Electrothermal control;
10. Advanced computer control system, large screen display, operation interface, tube clean and easy to use;
11. High precision electronic ruler stroke control, accuracy up to ±0.1mm;
12. Improve reproducibility through the use of pressure and oil feedback;
13. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic 3 heavy safety devices, any situation to ensure the safety of operators (pd60-pd148 matching oil pressure);
14. Improve reproducibility and operability by installing superior position sensors; 15. Use of closed-loop control control to achieve ultra-precision molding.

Blow Moulding Machine

Blow molding is the common method of manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products, the main products are tube film and hollow container.
Blow molding machine can be warmed to the preform molding products, and then into the mold blow molding, this method is mainly used for high-speed high production of pet bottles and Bopp bottle production, that is, two-step process; blow molding can also be combined with injection molding technology into the injection blowing machine, which is also the production of pet containers commonly used methods, blow molding process can also be combined with extrusion process, extrusion blow molding equipment to adapt to a wider range of products can be produced more abundant, Products include multilayer composite film and various types of Polyolefin hollow containers, widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry.

Film Blowing Machine

The film blowing machine is to melt the plastic particles and then blow into thin films.

Film Blowing machine is divided into many kinds, there are pe,pof and so on.

New particles are blown out of the fresh material, the color is said, clean, good bag stretching.

Some people use recycled plastic bags to make particles, this kind of particle is usually called old material, the particles are often gray when made into a bag, usually to add pigment, made bag coloring unevenness, crisp and easy to break, the price is also low.

Although it is recycled plastic bags, but generally is the bag in the process of waste bags and the usual sense of waste plastic or there is a big difference.


Film Blowing machine is composed of ① motors, ②cylinder, ③head, ④dies, ⑤v Plate, ⑥ to the wheel, ⑦ smooth wheel, ⑧ to the wheel 2, ⑨wind these nine parts


temperatures are 160--180 degrees.

HDPE temperature is 210-230 degrees

Film Blowing machine The most important thing is three factors
One temperature (machine temperature, indoor temperature)

Three cooling system
Application Film Blowing machine production is applicable to a variety of high-grade film packaging. This membrane because of its good barrier, fresh, wet, frost-proof, oxygen isolation, oil-resistant, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies and so on.