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Operation rules of hollow blow molding machine
- May 23, 2018 -

Operation rules of hollow blow molding machine

Before opening the machine:

1. Check the hydraulic oil level gauge of the extrusion blow molding machine and all hydraulic devices, so that the oil content of the fuel tank is kept above the reference oil level.
2. Materials used for extrusion blow molding machines should meet the required drying requirements, and further drying is needed if necessary.
3. According to the variety and size of the product, the machine head is chosen well, and the head is loaded in the following order: the head flange, the mold body, the die, the porous plate and the filter net.
4. Connect the compressed air pipe, install the core mold and the heating ring. Check and open the water system. Adjust the clearance of the die evenly, check the alignment of the main engine and auxiliary machine center line.
5, start the extruder, mode-locked device, mechanical hand and other operating equipment, carry out no load operation, check the operation of each safety emergency device is normal, find out the fault in time.
6. According to the requirements of the technological conditions, the temperature of the extrusion blow molding machine head and each heating section is set and heated by section by section, and the integrity of each heating section is tested with the foot material, and the heating phenomenon is checked, and the constant temperature is 0.5 ~ 1H after the temperature of each part reaches the set temperature.
7. On programmable controller, the thickness of parison wall should be set according to the technological requirements.
8, start the machine to cut off the material to open the outer layer normally, prevents the inner layer after opening, because the pressure is too big, causes the material to reflow from the outer layer. The frequency of blanking flow is increased from small to large, and the frequency of opening is too large to cause screw screw to be twisted due to low temperature.
9. Process conditions set:
9.1 when the material is plasticized and melted, the technological temperature should be controlled in the range of 170 to 230 degrees C.
9.2 blow molding ratio is controlled in the range of (1.5 - 3):l.
9.3 the compressed air pressure of blow molding billet forming bottle is 0.3 ~ 0.6MPa.
9.4 the temperature of molding bottle is between 20 and 50 degrees. The cooling time is about 50%~60% of the total production cycle.

Precautions for closing the machine:

1, the rotating speed reset to zero, each heating section closed by section; close the mold, in the closed state, the needle from the mold half a centimeter, prevent the hard objects into the mold in the mold; apply the antirust agent to the mold.
2, close the total power supply, lubricate the equipment, add lubricating oil, clean up the whole machine health, close the series of water. If the time is long, it is necessary to clean the inner water of the mold to prevent the rust and clog.

Note: if the newly purchased blow molding blow molding machine is built, check the machine assembly. When the equipment is installed as required by the instructions, the whole unit should be corrected, including the pair of the extruder head and the mode lock device; the installation of the mold water cooling pipe and check whether the direction is correct; the operation of the operator and the control device is convenient; the filling, finished product placement, and the recycling process of the waste products are not smooth. Normal operation, appropriate auxiliary equipment location and so on. Only when the inspection results of the equipment assembly reach the production and safety requirements will the equipment be in the best assembly state.