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Introduction of pressure cylinder for hydraulic pressure system
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Introduction of pressure cylinder for hydraulic pressure system:

Pressure cylinder is combined with the cylinder and the cylinder advantages and design improvements, the hydraulic oil and strict isolation, compressed air in cylinder piston rod contacts after the work piece automatic start, movement speed, stability, and a pneumatic transmission block device is simple, the output adjustment easy, can achieve higher force of hydraulic press in the same conditions, low energy consumption, a soft landing is not damage mold, easy to install and install special pressure cylinder can be 360 degrees in any Angle, the occupied space is small, low malfunction of the temperature rise, long life, low noise, and other core features.

Pressurization cylinder principle: 

the pressurization cylinder is a hydraulic component that can transform input pressure to high pressure output.The supercharger is a combination of a hydraulic cylinder and a supercharger, using the ratio of the size of the supercharger, the ratio of the cross-sectional area, and PASCAL's energy conservation principle.Because pressure is constant, when the pressure change from big to small, the pressure will change with different sizes and principle, so as to achieve to increase the air pressure to dozens of times the pressure effect, preloading type pressure cylinder, for example: when the work pressure in the hydraulic oil (or piston) surface, the hydraulic oil will be compressed air cavity and flow to the preloading trip, the hydraulic oil will quickly push for displacement, displacement resistance is greater than atmospheric pressure when the work pressure cylinder is to stop the action, at this point, the pressure cylinder pressure cavity because electrical signals (or pneumatic) action, start charging so as to achieve the aim of molding products.

The characteristics of the supercharging cylinder are as follows: 

1.the speed is faster than the hydraulic transmission, and the pneumatic transmission is stable.

2.Easy to use cylinder body, easy to adjust, easy to use maintenance.

3.The output force is higher than that of the hydraulic press under the same conditions, and the non-pure pressure system can be achieved.Low price equipment unit price is lower than oil pressure system Easy maintenance because of the simple structure, the maintenance of oil pressure system is simple.

4.Low energy consumption continues to pressure or stop, don't have to be like pure hydraulic system, the motor should be constantly running, it can save energy, and power source convenient and easy to take, the actual energy consumption of hydraulic system by 10% to 30%.

5.No leakage energy conversion is convenient, can achieve zero leakage need not worry about environmental pollution.

5.In order to meet the requirements of the process, the pressure and work schedule can be adjustable in the specified range.Installation is easy to be installed in a variety of ways, according to different working conditions can be installed at any Angle and position.

6.Soft landing stamping technology to make the noise small and protect your mold.

7.Failure of oil pressure system temperature rise.

8.Compared with ordinary cylinder and hydraulic station, the space area can be less than 50%.

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