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In-mold labeling machine process
- Jun 27, 2018 -

In-mold labeling machine process

how's it work?


The working principle of the in-mold labeling machine is to integrate the printed label into the container during the blow molding process so that the label and the container are integrated. 


The basic process of in-mold labeling during blow molding or injection molding is to stack pre-printed in-mold labels (pre-labels and back labels) in a single sheet format and place them on the two labels of the in-mold labeling machine.

Inside the box. With the opening of the bottle mold, the robot picks up the front and back labels. The printed side of the label faces inward, the solid adhesive faces outwards and is placed on both sides of the mold. The vacuum holes on the mold hold the label firmly in the mold. When the plastic container's raw material is heated and hangs in a hose-like manner, the labelled mold quickly closes and the air blows into the hose so that it is close to the mold wall.

At this time, the temperature in the entire mold is still relatively high. The embryonic container's label solid adhesive begins to melt and binds to the plastic container. When the mold is opened again, the plastic container is molded, and the label and the container are integrated.