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How to distinguish the safety seat of injection and blow molding
- May 17, 2018 -

How to distinguish the safety seat of injection and blow molding

There is no special concern at the beginning of the child safety seat to distinguish the injection and blow molding parts. Until recently, many businesses are finding out to confuse these two process and materials. To be honest, it is safe to say that if the structure is reasonable and can be certified and tested through security related certification, consumers do not need to concern these. The difference is that injection molding and blow molding are two different processes and materials, each with its own characteristics and advantages. But from the cost of thinking, many businesses confuse the two processes to make unreasonable profits, it's not good!  so today we talk about the injection and blow molding of safety seats, and how to distinguish.

Molding process principle of blow molding and injection molding

The blow molding is the extruded melt plastic blank, placed in the mold and stuck on the cavity wall with the help of compressed air, and hardened to a plastic part by cooling, and the material is used more HDPE.


Injection molding is made by injecting the screw or plunger of the injection machine to solidify the molten material in the cylinder by injecting nozzle and casting system of the mold and injecting into the cavity. Therefore, injection moulded mold has better compressive strength and toughness, basically using PP particle material.


Blow molded products are hollow, and molded products are solid. The injection mold has fine texture, precise size and better compression resistance. PP particles have the advantages of good fineness, easy deformation, strong flexibility, strong resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance. This is also the reason why injection molding is more popular.

Application of safety seat injection molding and its advantages and disadvantages

As you can see from the molding process, the blow molding is suitable for the simple structure of the product. In the safety seat application, the seat that can not be adjusted in any part of the seat or the seat which is adjusted by other small angles, and the removable seat is basically blown; and the injection process can be used for the complex safety of the structure. Seat manufacturing, such as head rest and horizontal rotation, can be adjusted, sitting and adjusting, folding and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of blow molding

Advantages: simple structure, light seat, low price.
Disadvantages: function is relatively simple; surface appearance is not very beautiful...


Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding:

Advantages: accurate size, beautiful appearance, seat can achieve more functions, comfort improvement, anti pressure enhancement, impact resistance enhancement.
Disadvantages: heavier seats; higher costs.

Blow molding product  or  injection product

1, look at the material: generally see the product is HDPE or PP material, can roughly distinguish the product blow molding or injection molding, PP is not easy to deform, good impact resistance, cold resistance and other advantages, injection universal use of this material, white is more beautiful, more expensive. And blow molding is basically HDPE material. This product is cheaper, with less material and black appearance. So you must ask for the material of the chair when you buy it.

2. Price, blow molding product price is lower...

3, look at the surface: blow molding products surface fineness, color, slightly less rough will appear uneven surface, burr phenomenon. So most of the blow seats are made of black plastic, which is not easy to find with the naked eye. If it is found black, we should carefully distinguish whether it is blown or not. The surface of the injection product is smooth, the texture is better than the blow molding product, the compression property is better than the blow molding. The high end safety seat will use the white PP material, which can prevent the two return of the material more effectively than the black, because there will be the black gray spots in the plastic color of the recycled material, and the use of the black material can effectively avoid identification. This is also the same as that of the black material. One of the reasons why we recommend the use of more expensive injection products is, after all, the most important thing to feel at ease.

4, Pay attention to weight: blow molded parts are hollow, injection molded parts are solid, and weight is very easy to distinguish elements. The net weight of the safety seats for blow molding is below 7.5kg, while the net weight of injection products is generally above 10kg. Also note that there is also a virtual net weight of businesses, we must ask carefully.

5, look at the details: stall adjustment, generally blow molding structure is relatively simple, can not adjust much, especially tilt adjustment. Injection molded parts are assembled by multiple small molds, and the structure is more complex, which can achieve more functions, such as multiple height adjustment and multi angle adjustment.

6. Look at the integrated hardware interface. The cost of injection molded parts is higher. In order to reflect more value, the ISOFIX hard interface is used to enhance the price sharing cost.

7, all injection and part injection can not be confused: here can only provide a few simple methods of identification, can not be a professional exhaustive list, the market is variable, "smart" business times, blow molding part of the injection molding parts, and the recent market also appeared a lot of injection parts and blow molded parts of the combination of impersonating injection. Plastic products, low-end products sell high prices, really not honest! As a seat, the whole injection molding means that the plastic parts of the chair are all injection molded products, but not a small part with PP full injection, which can be called injection products.

The injection molded seats are safer, more comfortable, more functional and more high-grade, and of course the price is higher. Even if you choose blow molding, you must choose a professional manufacturer, and pass the safety test brand, both of which can be purchased according to personal circumstances.

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