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How to choose the right bottle blowing machine
- Mar 14, 2018 -

If we want to make money by blowing a bottle, first we should know how to choose the bottle blowing machine?

      1, production: according to their own production requirements, select a two, a four-parameter machine, according to the factory parameters to buy.

      2, whether hot filling: where hot filling drinks, blowing machine needs heat-resistant blowing machine, this machine to the bottle has special treatment to prevent deformation in the process of filling.

        3, Price: The price is important, but blow molding machine's quality is more important, Dawson high-quality blowing machine good price with high quality!

4, after-sales service: The operation of the machine, it is inevitable to appear some conditions, Dawson after-sales service and thoughtful, follow-up parts update ability

5, Gas Source: Blowing machine need to match the use of gas source, because it is a pneumatic device inside. Air compressor and blowing machine, the two collocation is very important to meet each other, to save the pressure is insufficient, or excess waste of resources can not achieve the maximum energy efficiency, cost-saving purposes.

        So that's also important. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of domestic manufacturers to do the bottle blowing machine, DAWSON MACHINE bottle blowing Machine price appropriate, brand good, strong economic benefits, with independent design and production capacity, according to customer requirements to tailor-made models, and with a good after-sales service system to provide customers with intimate technical support. Is your ideal choice.