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How to choose machine among a variety of blow molding machines
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In current society all sorts of blow-molding machine product emerge endlessly, bought to the customer blow molding machine to produce misdirect, so when buying blow molding machine how can ability buy contented blow molding machine?Now let's listen to our analysis.

Before choosing blow-molding machine, it is very important to analyze your own products and the products that need to be done in the future.We need to analyze the weight, size, shape and material of the product.The weight determines the size of the device, and whether it is made of a multi-die head or a two-position multi-die head.If the product has more than 89 hundred grams, it may be necessary to choose a fixed open-die device with more than 70 screw rods.For small machines, the size of the opening and closing die, the stability of the moving die, and the stability of the position of the blow pin should be considered. If these changes are frequent, the quality and efficiency of the product will be affected.Product material determines the type of the blow molding machine screw, especially some special materials such as PVC, PETG, these two kinds of raw material for the thermal stability is poor, need to choose the screw compression section long gradually deformed screw;For high crystallinity materials such as PA, the short mutant screw of screw compression section should be selected.Some customers buy equipment at a low price, and when the equipment is bought back, it becomes a decoration.The reason is that it's very unstable and requires people to watch it all the time.Small machine to see configuration and material, and design rationality.General small machine comparison standard, can choose a few accessories.

More than 70 large machines can be equipped with more options, such as blow, manipulator, mechanical seal, wall thickness controller, etc.The configuration is also good or bad. Some manufacturers of the same model have small motors, and the products in front of them can be made.For example, the equipment of 120 is cheaper in some manufacturers, but the motor only has 90KW. Of course, it can be made, but it will affect the plasticizing amount.Also invisible is the locking force, also 90 machines, some of the locking force is small, resulting in large surface area of the product lock mold lock not tight, product molding rate is low.At present, the wall thickness controller is made in China, that of bergarai, Austria, and that of MOOG, Japan.The best one is MOOG wall thickness controller in Japan, which has high precision and accurate tracking, and relatively high price.Of course, for some civil products, and some disposable blow molding products do not require much cooling, the selection of a close wall thickness control can also meet your production.

Nowadays, energy saving is also very important. The high and low electricity price directly affects the cost of products.At present, there is no good way to save energy for small machines. For large machines, there is more energy saving.At present, there are three forms: 1.2. Energy saving of frequency conversion;3 servo energy saving;The best result is of course servo energy saving, and the cost is relatively high.It would be a little cheaper if choose domestic servo fairly, such as the cost will be high, with imports we currently use was Germany and German rexroth, energy saving up to 30% of the normal quantitative pump.

Finally had to mention the blow molding machine after-sales service, blow molding machine is not like China's injection molding machine, penetrated into the streets and lanes, after-sales service is very important, therefore, a good after-sales can ensure your orders.We won't tell you how much it costs to keep a 90 - machine on standby for two days.