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How do I choose the type of bottle blowing machine I need?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

How do I choose the type of bottle blowing machine I need?

For different dosage of manufacturers, usually concerned about a few cavities, the size of the bottle capacity and the output per hour.

It is critical to choose the model you need to match your needs.

Today, China is also a lot of manufacturers to do blowing machine, in the right price on the basis of the choice of a brand good manufacturers should also be the key to consider. Many manufacturers have their own ability to design and produce, according to customer requests to tailor the required models, and has a grand plant distribution of the parts of the processing and production, coupled with excellent after-sales service system to provide customers with intimate skills support.

Dawson machine & mould group 

we are committed to helping customers in the limited budget to choose the most suitable machine model, pre-arranged customer and engineer communication details, selected models, machinery and equipment production every link we will report customers in real time, so that customers even far away from foreign country, can also participate in the complete process of machines production, through photos, films and even video.