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Extrusion blow molding mould How to maintain maintenance?
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Hollow Products Extrusion blow molding mold How to maintain maintenance?

 (1) The maintenance and repair of mould for Parison forming

The molding mould of the billet and the mould structure of the tube billet are similar, which can be manufactured by 45# Steel or alloy steel.
Because of the influence of the processing quality on the molding quality of the Parison, it is required that the manufacturing precision is higher, and the maintenance of the mould is made to ensure the product quality and prolong the service life of the mould. The following points should be noted:

components of the mold in the assembly to remove burrs, dirt, clean before assembly. 

Assembly, disassembly of the mold, the parts should be light, disassembly and assembly process is not allowed to use hammer hit the face of the mold, to avoid the face due to percussion hammer printing, affecting the quality of products.

the connecting bolts and the adjusting screws on the mould, apply a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil to the thread part before installation, so as to facilitate the disassembly under the condition of temperature.  Fastening each connecting bolt, the diagonal position of the nut should be at the same time, to prevent the deformation of parts or due to the uneven force of the parts caused by 20 of the plane contact is not tight, the work will appear leakage phenomenon. 

when the die gap needs to be regulated (the thickness of the billet is uneven), the thin side of the tube should be loosened, and then the thick side screws of the tube billet are tightened, so that the die is moved to the thin side of the wall, thus avoiding damage to the mold or screw screws. 

production in the cleaning die out of the material at the mouth of the sticky material, should use bamboo or copper knives, shovel and other tools to clean the scraping material, not to use hard steel knives scraping, shovel mold at the mouth of the residue, to prevent scratch die face, affecting the quality of products. 

in the clear mold parts burr or scratches, do not use file repair scraping, should use fine oil stone or brass cotton grinding. 

for the temporary use of the mold, the parts should be cleaned first, coated with anti-corrosion oil and then assembled into one, sealing the mold to enter and out of the mouth, stored in the dry ventilated place, the mold is not allowed to store heavy weights, to prevent long time pressure caused by mold deformation.

(2) Blow molding mold Maintenance

extrusion blow molding hollow products production, frequent opening and closing mode, so that the guide pillar, guide sleeve, guide rod or guide rail is very easy to wear; Every class production must always check whether the lubricant is sufficient, whether clean, to timely decontamination, add enough lubricant  , wear serious parts to be repaired and replaced in time, otherwise affect the accuracy of the clamping position, also lead to blow molding products unqualified.  

Pinch blank mouth Often cut off the excess material in the blow molding products, although the cutting edge with alloy tool steel manufacturing, but long time work will wear, if necessary by the mold maintenance workers to repair the mill.

cavity inner surface, according to the product appearance quality requirements, some need sandblasting treatment, some need polishing, to have more brightness, to ensure the transparency of products. Long-time work, the volatile materials in the surface adhesion, affecting the quality of products, to be timely to the cavity surface polishing treatment. Usable polishing agent, with cotton cloth repeatedly polished, until the surface bright like mirror.

The shearing block at the neck of the hollow container and the cutting sleeve of the intake rod are the main devices to ensure the quality of the neck. Each product blow molding, here to remove the bottleneck part of the billet, causing wear and tear to affect the quality of the bottle, so, here to pay attention to maintenance, wear and tear to timely repair, if necessary, should replace this part.

molding mold and the rationality of each position temperature controlling, the effect on the product quality is large (the temperature difference is too large, the product is prone to warp deformation), so, to periodically check the cooling cycle water hole is unobstructed, if necessary, use descaling agent for cleaning, and then clean with clean water decontamination.      

die for a long time, to clean the parts of the mold (guide sleeve, circulating water hole with compressed air blown out dirt), and then coated with a protective agent, two-die mold, stored in the dry ventilated place; The mold body is not allowed to store heavy objects to prevent deformation.