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Development trend of blow molding machine/ blow moulding machine
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Development trend of blow molding machine/ blow moulding machine

From the trend of domestic and foreign market development, many large and medium and small, medium and small high-speed, stable, energy saving, auxiliary machinery and complete automatic production line will be the mainstream of development in the next few years, due to the needs of large scale production of plastic bottles, plastic buckets, auto parts and industrial blow molding parts.


1. large and super large hollow molding machines and production lines

(1) large hollow unit and production line for blow molding pallets.

The rapid development of logistics, food, chemical fertilizer, petrochemical, daily chemical, railway transportation and warehousing, pharmaceutical and feed, beer, beverage and other industries will lead to the rapid development of pallet manufacturing, especially the blow molding pallet manufacturing industry.

In recent years, although the injection tray industry has made great progress, but due to the inherent limitation of plastic raw material and molding mechanism of the injection tray, the service life is shorter and it is easy to break the block under the conditions of the high temperature difference and the frequent use of high intensity.

The high strength blow molding pallet has the advantages of high impact strength and durability. It is listed as the first choice of plastic pallets. The annual growth rate of its market demand is about 20%, while the annual production capacity of high strength blow molding pallets in China is less than 1 million, far from the demand of the market.
1616 large blow molding pallets are in good use.

At present, most of the large hollow machines in China are mainly used in general type, which is used in the production of 1000L IBC plastic barrel and the production of blow molding pallet, and the capacity of the equipment can not be fully developed. Therefore, it is one of the main directions for some enterprises in the industry to develop a large, super large hollow molding unit and high speed production line.

(2) IBC plastic packing barrel large hollow molding unit.

There are many hollow molding machine manufacturers in China, which can manufacture 1000L IBC plastic bucket production equipment, but most of them are general equipment.

At present, the domestic 1000L hollow molding machine adopts the plastic blank wall thickness radial control device less, resulting in the uneven wall thickness control at the four corners of the product, the increase of the raw material consumption and the exertion of the performance of the molding equipment, which is worthy of attracting the high attention of the large hollow molding machine manufacturing enterprises in China.

(3) Other large hollow molding machines.

China is a country with a variety of climate and environment conditions.

All kinds of storage tanks and tanks for different use requirements have large market demand. Therefore, it is also one of the development directions to develop a super large hollow molding machine to meet the needs of the product market.

In recent years, the production equipment of special storage tanks and storage tanks developed by some large blow molding manufacturers combined with equipment manufacturers has reached 2000L.

2. multi-storey hollow molding unit and production line

(1) the production equipment of multi-layer plastic fuel tank for automobile.

The multi-layer plastic fuel tank large hollow molding unit has made great achievements in replacing related import equipment. If the unit uses a domestic flexible loop radial control system to control the wall thickness of the plastic billet, the technical level of the equipment will be reached to a higher level.

(2) multi-layer three-dimensional hollow molding machine.

At present, the domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have already possessed the design and manufacturing capability of multi-layer three-dimensional hollow molding machines, but the development of this technology is relatively slow because of the lack of huge market demand at home. The development and upgrading of domestic car industry will boost the development of such units.

(3) the design and manufacturing technology of the multi-layer daily chemical products packaging plastic barrel and the production line of the plastic bottle hollow molding machine have been mastered by many enterprises, such as DAWSON MACHINERY & MOULD GROUP. It is expected that in the next few years, the production line of plastic bucket and plastic bottle multi-layer hollow molding machine will speed up the pace of research and development. It will pay special attention to research on mould matching, automatic flying edge, automatic labeling, automatic testing and automatic packaging, which will provide a step for the operators to reduce the production line. Preparation and technical support.

(4) multi-layer chemical plastic barrel hollow molding unit.

The design and manufacture of double deck large hollow molding units are mainly used for producing double deck plastic barrels of 200L series, which occupy a large share in China. In order to meet the needs of large blow molding manufacturers at home and abroad, the domestic hollow molding machine production enterprises will strengthen the research and development of double, three and multi-layer large hollow molding machines, high speed production, high energy saving, uniform wall thickness and saving plastic raw materials. Long term stable operation will be one of the main research and development focus of this kind of equipment.

3. other special blow molding hollow molding units

The research and development of special blow molding hollow molding unit requires close cooperation between blow molding products manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. It is expected that some special blow molding products in the automobile and motorcycle industry, such as the sequential extrusion and blowing pipeline of various plastic materials, will get technical breakthroughs in the next few years and obtain the approval of the related manufacturers of blowing products.

4. electric hollow molding unit

In recent years, the electric hollow molding unit has great advantages in the clean production and energy saving of blow molding products, and its research and development is progressing faster.

The electric hollow molding machine will be one of the priorities for some highly clean and clean production workshop.

At present, large and medium-sized electric hollow molding units are relatively rare. With the improvement of cleaning requirements for some large and medium-sized plastic barrels, the development of large and medium-sized electric hollow molding machines will probably accelerate.

At present, the general electric hollow molding machine is mainly used in some high-end blow molding industry and the industry that needs highly clean production. With the further reduction of the cost of equipment manufacturing, it will be popularized to other blow molding products industry.


In recent years, the manufacturing industry of hollow molding machine has developed rapidly. It has played an important role in the plastic machinery manufacturing industry in China. The state has also brought the high-end plastic molding equipment into the important equipment industry supported by the policy. With the rapid development of various domestic and foreign users, the hollow molding machine will continue to be promoted. The development and progress of the industry.

Because of the imbalance of industrial development among the domestic areas and the inconsistency of the technical requirements of the hollow molding machine in the foreign market, the research and development of the hollow molding machine enterprises should satisfy the market demand of the different grades of high school and low grade equipment, and pay more attention to the special hollow molding machine for long-term stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. It will lay the foundation for further expanding the market space and entering the high-end product market.

From the economic environment, since 2010, since the 2010, the impact of the international financial crisis and the double impact of the European debt crisis, many countries in the Middle East for a long time social instability, China's hollow plastic blow molding machine exports correspondingly reduced, the majority of enterprises basically maintain a flat production and marketing status with the previous year, The output value of enterprises has decreased a certain amount, while a few enterprises have maintained a certain growth rate, but the growth rate has obviously decreased. It is expected that in 2012, the manufacturing of hollow molding mechanism will still be affected, and the whole industry may need to spend a period of adjustment. In addition to a few enterprises may maintain the level of production and marketing in 2011, some enterprises will likely have a certain degree of decline in production and marketing. We should work hard to improve our internal strength and make further innovations in order to lay a solid foundation for better adaptation to market changes in the future.