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Classification of hollow blow molding machine
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The storage type machine head is divided into the center feeding type and the lateral feeding type.Side entry is one of the most widely used methods.In the hollow blow molding machine, the function of the machine head is to fuse the material and form the blank. The key of the fusion is the flow path in the head.At present, some enterprises in our country have studied the double-layer heart enveloping runner, but the double-layer heart enveloping runner is short in length, and the pressure drop is large.On the basis of this, a double double helix channel is developed in China.

There are several parts of the blow molding machine head.

1.center pole 2. Push tray 3. Upper end cover 4. Feeding port 5. Split core sleeve 6. Shunt hole 7. Head outer tube 8. Outside the core. 9. The inner core 10. Push drum 11. Fixing sleeve 12. The bushing 13. Lower end cover 14. The mandrel 15. The mouth mould 16. Guide sleeve 17. The key 18. Storage cavity 19. The push rod 20. Outer spiral flow 21.Flow guide hole 22. The shunting cone

the outer core is equipped with two show 180 o symmetric winding outer spiral flow channel, is equipped with two inner core is 180 o symmetric winding spiral flow, spiral flow within and outside the spiral flow channel show 180 o symmetric arrangement, the outer core and the inner core of each of the spiral flow channel (spiral flow within and outside the spiral flow channel) winding Angle of 360 o, so that the outer core and inner core of 360 o on the outer wall of molten material fully mix evenly.Work, molten material from outside the mouth into the nose cone, after shunt core set of tap hole, the shunt cone is completed on the outer core, molten material to shunt flow on both sides of the cone, and after guide port to 90 o, drainage to the internal and external core shunt, molten material from outside the outside of the core part of the spiral flow downward spiral flow, others by spiral flow guide hole into the inner core flow, liquid flow inside and outside the spiral flow passage, part of the molten material as the inner and outer spiral flow channel flows down, another part of the molten material down the wall of inside and outside the core to the loading chamber, so that 360 o have low melting, makes the molten material uniform convergence.

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