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The importance of rational use of hydraulic oil in blow molding machine
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Hydraulic transmission is a kind of transmission that USES the pressure of liquid to transfer power and pressure.It has the advantages of large bearing capacity, stable transmission, compact structure and easy automation.Therefore, it is widely used in the field of machinery.Hydraulic oil is an important part of hydraulic system, which not only transmits power, but also plays the role of lubricating and cleaning hydraulic components, cooling and cooling the hydraulic system.To ensure the normal operation of hydraulic equipment, the maintenance of hydraulic oil is the key.

According to statistics, 80% of the faults of hydraulic system are caused by hydraulic oil pollution in the system.The contaminated hydraulic oil accelerates the wear of hydraulic components.For the hydraulic pump, the impurities will scratch the working surface of the pump, which will cause internal leakage, reduce the working efficiency of the hydraulic pump, and even completely invalidate the work of the hydraulic pump.For the control valve, the impurities in the oil can make the valve core difficult to move or die, causing the hydraulic control valve to fail and the mechanical equipment to be paralyzed.For the hydraulic cylinder, the polluted hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of the hydraulic cylinder, scratch the inner wall of the hydraulic cylinder, and cause the front and back cavity of the hydraulic cylinder to cross oil.For the filter, impurities in the oil always block the filter net, making the oil pump difficult to absorb, the system pressure is low, and the working efficiency is reduced.Therefore, keeping oil clean is of great benefit to the performance of hydraulic system, reliability and safety of components and service life

The heating of the hydraulic system is a serious problem in the hydraulic system. Controlling the temperature of the hydraulic oil is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the hydraulic system.We usually to control the oil temperature 25 ℃ - 55 ℃ range, beyond this range will be detrimental to the hydraulic system.The oil temperature is too high, which causes the viscosity of the oil to decrease, the leakage to increase, and the efficiency of the whole hydraulic system to decrease.The high oil temperature causes the volume of hydraulic components to expand, because the expansion coefficient of valve body and valve core is different, the mating clearance of hydraulic components changes.If the clearance is small, the control valve is not flexible or even stuck.If the clearance is too large, the internal leakage will affect the efficiency of the hydraulic system.High temperature, so that the hydraulic system rubber seal ring and hose premature aging, loss of skills to reduce the service life.

Heat, leakage and vibration are the three major problems of hydraulic system.For your love of the machine, please be sure to use clean, brand accurate hydraulic oil.

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