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Blow Molding Machine for making high quality Plastic Pallets
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Blow Molding Machine for making high quality Plastic Pallets

Dawson Blow Molding Machine Factory is dedicated to the manufacture of blow molding machines for large pallet production and has more than 20 years of production and development experience in this industry.


Appalications about plastic pallets

Palletized transportation is a transportation method in which goods are assembled into a standard pallet on a standard pallet according to certain requirements, and a forklift or pallet elevator is used for loading, unloading, handling and stacking. Palletized transportation is a way of group transportation. One pallet is used as a transport unit, which is convenient for mechanical operation, easy to tally, and doubles transportation efficiency. Palletized transportation is a new revolution in the logistics industry.

At present, many countries in the world, especially those that have not yet carried out container transportation, have vigorously promoted palletized transportation. Some carriers use palletized transporters to help the cargo owners, in addition to the free pallets provided, the pallets are also given to the cargo owners. Allowances, and even some carriers for carts shipped to certain countries, if there is no pallet, add a pallet fee, and many importers are willing to take the palletized transport well to charge the pallet. the use of palletized transport is beneficial to both parties.In recent years, international logistics standardization organizations have paid more and more attention to the international standardization of pallets. The pallet standards are being actively revised, and the pallet standards in the Asia-Pacific region will be introduced soon. Japanese and Korean companies are increasingly calling for the unification of the three countries' pallet standards in China, Japan and South Korea, and the establishment of a three-country pallet standardization and sharing system. The Chinese pallet industry hopes to learn from Japan and South Korea's advanced economy, accelerate the penetration rate of pallets, and promote the rapid development of palletized transportation. .

The number of pallets used in China is more than 100 million per year, calculated as 20% of the total trays of blow molding trays. The demand for domestic blow molding trays will also reach 20 million, which does not include the growth and development of blown trays. Relevant data indicates that China's pallets are increasing at a rate of no less than 20 million/year, of which blow molding trays account for about 8%. In recent years, the average renewal rate and growth rate of blown trays are around 10%. Among them, the number of blow molding pallets used in petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and blown plastic logistics pallets has doubled. As far as the current domestic production capacity of blown trays is concerned, the balance between supply and demand can only be achieved after 5-10 years. Among them, general engineering plastics mainly include polyamide, polyester, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polyphenylene ether and other products. Special engineering plastics mainly include polyphenylene sulfide, polyimidazole, polyaryletherketone, liquid crystal polymer. , polyfluorene, polyarylate and other products.

In the near future, with the continuous development of the logistics industry, the research on logistics pallet transportation of blow molding machine manufacturing will lead a new revolution in the logistics industry. Greatly shorten the transportation and transfer time of the logistics industry, and accelerate the production efficiency of the logistics enterprises, thus gaining more benefits!