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The influence of production environment on the mechanical and electrical system of blow molding and its treatment measures
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1. Pay attention to the changes in the use environment of the equipment

Although predominantly PLC electrical automatic control system for the environment is not very strict, but in hot, humid climate, many of the blow molding factory environment may not suit or short of the requirement of electric automatic control system for the working environment.Blow molding equipment in the production of the scene temperature could reach 50 to 60 degrees, and the temperature of the electric cabinet could reach 60-70 degrees, under the condition of the temperature running time is too long, can produce greater harm to electrical parts.From test to the humidity of the air humidity of the air in many places a year more days in more than 85%, the moisture in the air is very easy to condense into water droplets, these small water droplets and the dust particles in the air, it is easy to cause damage to electric control parts, lead to control failure or electrical equipment accident.

Especially the season of every year climate transformation time, temperature and humidity change is bigger, in this regard due to the sudden changes in the climate, temperature and humidity of the air, often the damage of equipment electrical control part is bigger, need special attention to them.

Response to the environment of high temperature and humidity of the air environment, to ensure the stability of the electric control parts, now is a good method for hollow blow molding machine electrical cabinets, equipped with air conditioning system can effectively reduce the temperature of the electrical cabinets, electrical cabinets can be reduced by the humidity of the air.From the actual installation of air conditioning, air conditioning can not be directly on the electrical cabinet to blow air, so it is very likely to make his internal humidity increase, causing direct harm.A better approach is around the electrical cabinets to build a more seal small space, USES the air conditioner will reduce the space temperature and humidity to suitable range, so can effectively guarantee the working stability of the electric control system.

Many hollow molding machine utilization rate is not high, in the case of downtime and repair, it is best to keep the electric control system power-on state, it can make the surface of the electric control parts is not easy to form water, parts of connection and welding point is not easy to oxidation, can keep the electric control system in the boot start under normal condition.If the downtime is long, the electrical control system can be regularly electrified every week. The electrified maintenance time should not be less than 8 hours.

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