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Before operating the main points
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Before operating the main points

1. Before the operation of the injection molding machine, check the electrical control box whether there is water, oil into, if the electrical damp, do not start. Maintenance personnel should blow dry electrical parts and then boot.

2. Before injection molding machine operation, check the supply voltage is in line with the general should not exceed ± 6%.

3. Check the emergency stop switch, before and after the safety door switch is normal. Verify that the motor and pump rotate in the same direction.

4. Check the cooling pipe is long-distance smooth, and the oil cooler and barrel end of the cooling water jacket access to cooling water.

5. Before the operation of the injection molding machine, check whether there are active parts of the lubricating oil, and add enough lubricants.

6. Turn on the electric heat and heat the sections of the barrel. When the temperature reaches the requirements of various sections, then heat for some time, so that the temperature of the machine tends to be stable. Holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.

7. Add enough plastic in the hopper. Depending on the plastic injection requirements, some of the best raw materials after drying.

8. To cover the heat shield on the barrel, so you can save power, but also can extend the life of the electric coil and the current contactor.