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Advantages, Disadvantages and Development Direction of Various Plastic Containers of 200 L and Above on the Field
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Advantages, Disadvantages and Development Direction of Various Plastic Containers of 200 L and Above on the Field

One: 200 liter double "L" ring low surface barrel and its economical 200 liter single "L" ring plastic barrel.

200 liter double "L" ring low surface barrel, referred to as 200 liter double ring barrel or 200 liter conventional plastic barrel. Because it adopts the overall design, the upper and lower bottom surfaces and the barrel body are formed into a single L-shaped protruding ring, and the barrel surface height is lower than the barrel mouth and the upper "L" ring.

This type of drum can meet the packaging requirements for Class I hazardous liquids in UN UN standards. It not only has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, strong barrel shape, but also can be hoisted (or forked), stacked, rolled, like steel drums. It is stored and laminated, so it is the most widely used and most convenient type of products for large-scale liquid dangerous goods packaging containers at home and abroad. 200L double "L" plastic drum is a kind of packaging container developed in the chemical packaging industry with the growth of polymer resin materials.

It is made of high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) with an average molecular weight of about 300,000. The extrusion blow molding hollow molding machine is blown and can be used for filling corrosive chemical products in various liquid (viscous) states such as acids, alkalis and lipids. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, multiple times of steel drum turnover and easy recycling, it has been highly valued by the domestic and international shipping industry, and because it can fully meet the "International Maritime Dangerous Goods Transportation Law" The requirements for packaging containers for dangerous goods in the middle are increasingly used in the transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition to several foreign brands such as Germany and Taiwan, Zhangjiagang DAWSON MACHINERY & MOULD GROUP is a domestic manufacturer with the strongest R&D strength and the most complete mechanical manufacturing capacity.

It has a number of patented technologies in plastic machinery. Its main products hollow machine is mainly used to produce 200L double "L" ring barrels, which has high reliability and production efficiency. The quality of the products produced can meet the requirements of various dangerous goods packaging. Compared with the existing brand products on the market, it has higher cost performance. It mainly develops and manufactures hollow blow molding machines. Blow molding machines can be used in various hollow plastic products, including automobile fuel tanks and chemical raw material packaging drums. Pallets, IBC tons of barrels, water tanks, etc., to challenge the monopoly position of foreign high-end plastic machine manufacturers. We are also involved in the technical transformation of electromechanical equipment, the trading of plastic raw materials and products, and the import and export of these products.

The most obvious sign of the 200 liter double "L" ring plastic bucket relative to other forms of plastic bucket is the "L" ring of the upper and lower surfaces and the barrel body formed as a whole, so that it can be hoisted (or fork) like a steel bucket, stacking, rolling, storing and stacking.

The two "L" - shaped protuberance rings and the "R" ring that play an important role in the plastic barrel are the most difficult to control in actual production, because the two "L" rings and the "R" ring inside the barrel are the opening distance between the upper and the upper die and the barrel mold, when the plastic tube embryo in the molten state is blown in the mold. In the process of expansion, the pressure of compressed air and the thickness of the molten tube itself are pressed and bonded, so he is not like the other parts of the plastic barrel, which is blown and compressed directly by the tube embryo.

In the forming process of the upper and lower "L" ring, the surface temperature is reduced due to the expansion of the molten plastic by compressed air. It naturally reduces the firmness of the "L" middle adhesion. So in order to make up the defect, we added a new structure "R" ring to the plastic barrel in the mold design, which is used to increase the impact resistance of the "L" ring on the plastic bucket. There is also a "bubble" defect in the forming process of the "L" ring and the "R" ring inside the plastic barrel.

To sum up, the dual "L" ring plastic bucket has high requirements for the raw materials, mold design and manufacturing and production process in the production process, so on the basis of comprehensive consideration of production cost and liquid packaging and transportation requirements, the market has developed an economic type of 200 liter "L" ring products. It is to retain the "L" ring on the bucket surface with hoisting (or fork lifting) and stacking functions, and omit the "L" ring under the barrel. This can reduce the performance of the packing bucket and the handling rigidity of the bucket bottom, but it can save the corresponding raw materials and improve the drop impact performance of the plastic bucket and reduce the packaging cost of the enterprise. There is a certain range of application in some low - corrosion, low - and non - dangerous liquid packaging, but because of its limitations, it is only a small part of the market demand.

Two: 200 liter double "L" ring high surface barrel and its economical 200 liter single "L" ring plastic barrel

From the angle of geometry to analyze the structure of the 200L plastic barrel, the 200 liter plastic barrel, which we look at from the front, is the equivalent of a cylinder with a high 90cm diameter of about 60cm. The upper and lower barrel surface of the plastic barrel can be approximated as the upper and lower two sections of the cylinder, and the vertical facade of the barrel is regarded as the length of the cylinder, so that the upper and lower sides of the plastic bucket on the circumferential edge of the diameter 60cm and the bucket body are approximately 90 degrees of right angle contact point from the angle of the three-dimensional geometry. Naturally, when we carry out the horizontal drop experiment on the plastic bucket, the two approximately 90 degrees of right angle contact point of the plastic bucket naturally becomes the weakest point of the impact force, and nearly 90% of the plastic bucket breakages in the actual test occur at these two points. According to the forming principle of the upper and lower "L" ring introduced in this article, we have designed the protection of the "R" ring at the corner of the barrel, and we also make the most limit of the arc transition protection in the shape design of the die, for example, the arc degree of the bottom of the bucket can be extended in a relatively large degree to increase it. The arc transition length at the "R" ring at the bottom of the barrel allows the maximum distance of the turning point to leave the position of the "R" ring at the maximum distance of 90 degrees so that the impact force and fastness of the plastic barrel can be dispersed in the lateral fall, but the height of the barrel surface can not exceed the bucket at the time of designing the mould because of the limit of the height of the "L" ring on the bucket. The height of the mouth and the upper "L" ring is too high, because it is too high to prevent the stability of the upper layer of the bucket at the vertical stacking, and then the phenomenon that the waste water in the bucket is easily polluted and filled in the barrel when the water is overflowing for a long time. Therefore, the impact strength of the "L" ring at the bucket surface of the conventional 200 liter plastic bucket is weaker than the "L" at the bottom of the bucket. In the case of my own experience, the damage probability of the bucket surface is approximately 60-70% of the total test damage.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, our market has developed a -----200 double L ring high plastic barrel, which is derived from 200 liters of conventional plastic barrels. In particular, the height of the barrel surface of the plastic bucket is raised upward to exceed the height of the "L" ring of the bucket surface so that the arc transition length and angle at the "L" ring can be greatly increased and the impact force of the plastic bucket is increased in the horizontal drop, although the pile performance of the plastic bucket at the expense of a portion can be obtained. It can increase the impact strength of the bucket surface.
It can be seen from the above analysis that the conventional 200 liter "L" ring plastic bucket has become the most widely used and most convenient kind of product in the large type hollow plastic container, which is the most widely used and most convenient kind of product in the 200 liter plastic bucket, because it takes into account the properties of the hoisting (or fork lift), stacking, rolling, falling, storage and stacking. A class of the highest quantity. Whether it is his economic type: 200 liters of low surface single "L" ring plastic bucket, or his derivative: 200 liters, double "L" ring high plastic bucket, due to the inherent defects in their respective structures in the current market has always been unable to achieve large-scale applications.

Three: 200 liter double-layer double "L" ring and single "L" ring composite plastic bucket

This kind of plastic pail is a kind of hollow plastic barrel packaging developed specially for food grade liquid packaging. His size is almost the same as that of the 200 liter regular barrel.

The biggest difference between them is that the barrel wall of the plastic bucket has a composite structure with two layers inside and outside, and his outer layer is a protective layer of coloured masterbatch, which is usually dark (blue), and can resist ultraviolet radiation against sunlight. The inner layer is a new food grade high density polyethylene raw material, in the process of production do not use other additives, so that the purity of the interior can be ensured to be more safe and can meet the requirements of all kinds of food grade liquid.

At present, Zhangjiagang DAWSON MACHINERY & MOULD GROUP has successfully developed a multi-layer hollow machine which can meet the requirements above, and many equipment have been sold to all areas in China, and a fairly high market evaluation has been made. The two extruders of this equipment are imported from Germany by high speed extruder with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Two layers of continuous coextrusion die head, spiral flow channel structure, no weld line, the head adopts electromagnetic induction heating ring, energy saving to more than 50%; provide circular bucket, core mold, suitable for circular chemical barrel production, elliptical mold: easy to shape, less flying edge, suitable for blow molding pallet production.

Four: 200 liter three-layer double "L" ring and single "L" ring composite plastic barrel

DAWSON MACHINERY & MOULD GROUP integrates many scientists, experts and technicians at home and abroad to form a high-tech product R & D team.

The newly developed multi-layer (three layer) blow molding equipment has been patented by the state. At the beginning of the research and development of new products, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and stability are the direction of research and development. The main innovation of energy saving is the conversion of the AC motor drive system to the servo motor drive system and the conversion of the resistance heating system to the electromagnetic induction heating system. Because these two systems are the most important energy sources of the hollow blow molding machine, we seize the key point after the servo drive system is successfully upgraded, and the electromagnetic sense is conquered.

The electromagnetic radiation problem of the heating system has taken the lead in obtaining the CE certification in China, making the electromagnetic induction heating system successfully equipped with a safe foundation for the hollow blow molding machine.

Zhangjiagang DAWSON MACHINERY & MOULD GROUP has developed the world's first three story co extrusion large blow molding machine with the following characteristics:

1) the middle layer of the three layer hollow container is plastic recovery material, that is, the 50%-70% of the whole product can be recycled with low price, the price is half of the new material and even lower, the inner and outer layer uses 15% to 25% new material, which not only guarantees the quality of the products but also closed the residual pollution source of the return material, which greatly saves the setting. The cost of raw materials for users is prepared.

2) a large amount of recycling plastics can save a lot of energy, greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by recycled materials, and meet the policies of low carbon, environmental protection and resource reuse all over the world, and users can enjoy a number of preferential policies in the government departments of various countries and all over the world.

3) DAWSON's three level blow molding machine uses servo motor drive and electromagnetic induction heating, which can save more than 50% of energy consumption in the user's production process.

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