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About Blow Molding Mould
- May 24, 2018 -

About Blow Molding Mould

Research on automatic design system of blow molding die

In abstract terms, designing blow moulds is a very complicated process with great knowledge. A design system based on feature, parameter and intelligent design . The blow molding die is made with this system. Only a minimum set of parameters is required before the injection, blow molding and discharge of the mold are completed. The blow molding tool design system is equipped with a top CAD, consisting of a machine, a cavity setting module, an injection design system, a blow molding design system, a spray design system, a mold design and production module, a molding database and a database of the machine. Through these modules, the mold designer can create a 3D blow molding mold design according to customer requirements. The design of blow molding mainly consists of three stages: injection molding, blow molding and launching. This system can not only reduce the design time of blow molding, but also improve the quality of the product greatly in the process of standardized design.

Blow molding is the third largest plastics processing technology in the world. It is widely used to produce hollow thin walled objects with thermoplastic material. Over the past 20 years, blow molding has experienced rapid development, and has been used in the fields of automobile, sports leisure, electronic products, office supplies, automation equipment, packaging industry and other fields. Generally speaking, blow molding has two main types: extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding. The former is widely used in the production of various sizes and shapes of containers, and also for the production of irregular and complex hollow components, providing automotive, office automation, medical and tourism industries. The latter is widely used in the production of commercial plastic bottles, suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. The design, processing, injection and design of blow molding die are the important stages of the development of blow molding products. In addition to the high complexity of the mold structure, the interference of various design parameters makes the design task very difficult. As a result, most people still believe it. This process plays an important role in mold design.